Friday, January 13, 2012

Short story essay


“It’s a girl!”The doctor had told Savannah. Savannah was thrilled; she always wanted a baby girl because she knew that if she had a baby girl that little girl would be her little angel. She was excited because she could dress the little girl in the cutest outfits, when her little angel is born. When Savannah was little she would always say to her mom “I want a baby girl when I’m older just like you mommy.”Savannah couldn’t wait to tell her husband what the gender of the baby was. Her husband was a marine, he was stationed in Afghanistan and the only way she could tell him was by letter.

Savannah was driving home from the doctors and couldn’t wait to tell her mom the gender of the baby. Savannahs mom has been by Savannah’s side ever sense she was blessed with having a baby because, Derek was in the marine’s. Derek is her husband of five years. She drove to her mother’s house to tell her that the baby is a girl. She opened the door Savannah’s mother was standing in the kitchen. “Hello dear how are you” her mother said. “I am good I was just at the doctors so I thought I would stop by to say hello.” “Did the doctors tell you what the baby is going to be?” “It’s a girl!” “That is fantastic you must be so thrilled." Savannah had stayed at her moms and just talked to her about what the baby needed when she is born, outfits that the little girl could wear, how big she is going to be, and the name of the girl, and her middle name. Eventually it was becoming dark so Savannah was becoming tired and was ready to go home. She left her mother’s house and headed home to her nice home.
Savannah finally got home and she was exhausted. She decided to just go to sleep and just write a letter to Derek tomorrow. Savannah couldn’t sleep because the baby kept kicking her so she was in pain. She never experienced the baby’s kicks before, they were so powerful. She thought to herself how can a little thing have a kick so powerful to cause this much pain? She got up and decided to just sit in a chair and rub her baby and maybe she would stop kicking. It was around two in the morning when she finally went back into bed; the baby had finally relaxed and stopped kicking her. Savannah had awakened around ten in the morning. She was reading the news paper and having some yogurt. She had almost forgotten to write Derek a letter; she then grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and began writing.
She had begun to write the letter.

Dear Derek,
I have good news to tell you I hope you’re as excited as I am about it! I went to the doctors and they told me the gender of the baby! It’s a girl Derek! It is what we both wanted it to be I am so excited to see what she is going to look like! I know you and I both want you home for this journey but i'm doing okay. My mom has been by my side while you have been gone and she is helping me a lot. Even though you’re not here with me I pretend you are. I have been thinking about names for our little angel and I want you to help me choose a name because I want both of us to make the decision. I have a couple of names in mind I thought about her name being, Raegen Alexandria Montag or maybe even Gracie Alexandria Montag. I really hope you like one of those names because I’m stuck between the two and I need your help with that. I love you very much and I hope your safe, and please come home safely!
Love, Savannah   
A couple of days had gone by ever sense Savannah had written the letter to Derek. While Savannah was working, she was anxious to go home to see if Derek had written back to her because, she wanted to know the name that Derek had wanted the name of the baby to be. What Savannah didn’t know was that, Derek told her when he left for Afghanistan he would be there a whole year but really he was only going to be at war for another three months. Derek just wants to surprise her when he gets home from war. It was finally the end of the work day for Savannah; she got into her car and drove home to see if Derek had written a letter back to her. Savannah looked through her mail and there it was a letter from Derek.
The letter from Derek had said,
Dear Savannah,
I am more than glad to know that our baby is going to be a girl! I miss you so much Savannah I can’t wait to see you when I get back. When I get back we can raise our little angel and she will be perfect. I like the name Gracie Alexandria Montag, that name will fit her very well. I am glad to hear you are doing well without me by your side even though I would love to be by your side for this. Only a couple more months, until I see you and that beautiful baby girl of our, I have a feeling she is going to look just like you. I love you Savannah and I miss you and I will be home soon.
Love, Derek.
Savannah was 8 months pregnant now; she is due in less than two weeks. Savannah’s mother was sleeping at Savannah’s house for the past couple of days because she wants to keep an eye on Savannah because she is due to have the baby very soon. Derek was coming home from war in two days but, neither Savannah nor her mother knows that.
Savannah had heard a knock on the door. She had no clue who was at the door because her mother was over and she was in the shower. She walked towards the door to open it. There stood Derek, she began to cry tears of joy because she was so happy he was home to see the birth of their child. She gave him a huge hug because she was over filled with joy. Savannah’s mother had come out of the shower wondering who was at the door; she walked into the kitchen and saw her daughter and Derek. “Your home Derek!” “I know it’s nice to see you Meredith.” Meredith gave him a hug and a kiss she was over joyed to know he was going to be there for Savannah when she has the baby.
Savannah was ready to have the baby. her and Derek had rushed to the hospital so she could go into labor. It was most likely less than twenty-four hours until she was going to have her little girl in her life. She was excited and couldn't wait to see her little baby girl. Twenty- three hours it took until she had the baby. The baby was nine pounds and three ounces.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Speak Statement One

Whatever happens at a party should stay at a party. I agree with that statement because it would just be better if no one said what happened at the teenage party.  There are many reasons that what happens at a party should stay at a party because first off it should be no one else’s concern what had happened at that party . It really is just common courtesy to keep quiet about what had happened at the party, because it will just cause drama if you say something, it will also be never ending once everyone found out you said something.

One reason I believe that what happens at a party should stay at a party is because, if something bad had happened at the party you wouldn’t want administration to find out because there will be consequences for who was ever at the party.  If everyone knew someone had said something about what happened, and if it got to administration no one would trust you.  No one would trust you because they will just think your two faced and they will end up calling you a snitch because you can’t keep quiet.                                                       Most teens that go to a party and something bad happens panic and hope that no one will find out because they know what the consequences will be because they were at the party.

The next reason why I agree with this statement is because if someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend had hooked up with another person behind their back, it would be better for the person that they were dating not to find out so they don’t get hurt or get mad at the person that there boyfriend or girlfriend had hooked up with behind their back.  If someone told someone about that it would defiantly cause tension in the relationship and they could possibly break up.  Also even if that person hooked up with someone else it just could have been a mistake because they could have been under the influence and they could not control themselves and they didn’t know what they were doing at the time.  So it wouldn’t be right to say something to their girlfriend or boyfriend because it could have been a mistake.  That boyfriend or girlfriend would also tell their boyfriend or girlfriend what had happened and that it was a total misunderstanding.

The last reason why I believe that this statement is true is because sometimes it’s just better if there was no talk about what had happened at the party.  It’s not really a big deal what happens at the party unless you’re involved with the story.  The reason why I say this is because at a high school party people are just having a good time with every grade and everyone is getting along so why ruin that by starting drama? If people were starting drama you shouldn’t care and just let it slide right by you because it just turns into a big deal that it shouldn’t turn into.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Value Essay

Priceless or Expense?

What do people value now-a-days? Do they value the things they buy or something that means the most to them without paying a penny for it? The definition of valuable these days is everyone’s belongings instead of the priceless values in their life.

My cell phone, laptop and iPod are my most expensive values but they are the values that I couldn't live without. If teenagers didn't have a cell phone they would be lost in society. Cell phones, laptops, and iPod’s have taken over a teenager’s life. Many teenagers including myself feel like we would never last without our gadgets that communicate with all the latest drama and gossip. To me these three values mean the most to me because they are the only things that motivate me to do good in school, if I don't do good in school then I lose all these wonderful things.

Let’s start with the cell phone, I would have to say that my cell phone does not leave my side; I guess you can say it’s glued to me.  My Memere always says “what would you do without that cell phone of yours?” my reply every time is “I really have no clue.” If I didn't have my cell phone I wouldn't know what I would do I could not imagine myself without my phone. My phone has all my important pictures and so much more, if I lost everything in my phone, I would be devastated.

My lap top is important to me also, it holds all my school work and important files. If I lost all my school work that I do on my lap top then I would get a zero on the paper that I need to hand in. My lap top is important for a bunch of other things to including storing of all my pictures, allows me to do research just to name a few. Another reason my laptop is so valuable to me is because I do a majority of my essays, projects, and research for my homework. In addition, my lap top is valuable because instead of using the family computer I can just use my own, that’s what is great about having your own lap top to yourself.

Lastly my iPod, it holds all my songs, pictures, and games that I like to play. My iPod is so important to me because, I run a lot and I can’t deal with running without any music, it pumps me up and makes me go faster. My iPod gives me entertainment when I’m bored. It’s also small and it can go everywhere I go just like my phone does. Also my iPod is worth a lot so I really can’t afford to lose it. Many of these things are great and valuable but yet you need to pay for these wonderful values, unlike your family.

My family is priceless yet valuable to me because I would not be where I am today if I didn't have them. Sometimes I do not understand my family and wished they never existed but in the end of the day they are just looking out for me and making sure I make the right decisions and that is really the most valuable and priceless part of my life that I have. My family is my motivation to always keep my head up because I'll always have them when I need them the most. If I were to only have one valuable thing in my life it would be my family. I don't always need to have my electronics to make me happy because they will eventually brake and become useless, but if I have my family they will always find a way to keep me happy.